Advantages of Colegio Hochberg 


Academic Excellence

Our official full time academic program is based on methodologies in the Finnish education system, number one worldwide. We use information and communication technology (ICT) which help to improve students' memory, ease explanations of complex concepts, and are interactive using multimedia, which improves participation, motivation and attentiveness.


Boarding students quickly learn how to perform many chores and tasks of school completely by themselves. They become experts in managing their time, money, and resources. These students mature quickly and tend to be very independent and go on with great success in college and in life.

Less Distractions
Boarding students can better focus on their studies and in their sports program because, television, video games, celular phones and other distractions are limited. These young studious gymnasts generally perform better academically, because they live in an environment that is conducive to learning; and are also immersed in what they love, gymnastics. This is a very demanding sport and requires a lot of attention, perseverance, and a start at a very early age.

Cultural diversity
Our students in boarding school live and attend classes with people of different cultures.  Therefore, they learn to appreciate and to respect differences between each other and to live amicably. Some may even learn the basics of another language as a result of  the friendships they  form.

Development of a more balanced and resolute character.
The student athlete is known for graduating with exceptional character and behavior something central in the practice of gymnastics and in living in a community where traits such as honesty, respect and hard work are valued. These students have a moral advantage and a more balanced self-esteem.

Training  Activities

Our students in boarding school are continually exposed to a wide ranges of activities to widen their learning in a holistic environment where they participate in diverse activities such as organic small scale gardening, clean energy, and various techniques for well being.

Language Development.
Students whose first language is not English, or who do not speak Spanish can often communicate effectively in two semesters through language immersion. Those who stay at the boarding school for at least three years are bilingual, which means they can read, write, and speak both languages.

Bilingual students have a valuable skill that gives them a significant advantage in the national and international workforce, above all for athletes of international stature. Gymnasts have also demonstrated that they generally score better on standardized tests and demonstrate a greater ability to solve problems.