Psychomotor Development Skills Program

This program is designed for children from 3 to 6 years old, or for those who have never realized a formal sport, or wish to explore the different forms of gymnastics.

Recreational Gymnastics

In any of the different modalities we teach at our academy, the student can choose the recreation program. This program is technically identical to competitive ones however, the methodological goals are different. In recreation the main goals are: well being, self esteem, promoting sports culture, no formal competitions, but some exhibitions are held.

Woman'sArtistic Gymnastics

The most popular of all of the three programs we offer, recreational, competitive low level and high level Competitive Woman's Artistic Gymnastics.

High Level Gymnastics

This program is only offered in the modality of our Sports Boarding School. In any of the programs offered in this Academy it is different than our Recreation Programs, The Psycho motor Skills Development Program, and Low Level Competitive Gymnastics where the age minimum is 4 years old. Due to it requirement of more commitment and intensity, the minimum age for high level programs is 9 years old. There are two modalities, partial and full boarding.  If you are interested in this program or would like more information regarding academic curriculum and costs. Please call to make an appointment at:  011 52 (444) 101 9131 or email us


Acrobatic Gymnastics

Acrobatic Gymnastics is more popular every day, practiced in both female  and/or male pairs or mixed pairs, also in groups or three or quintets. Acro is very popular in the USA as well as in Europe. This challenging discipline is practiced in important international acrobatic competitions world wide.

Rhythmic Gymnastic

Rhythmic Gymnastics is characterized  as being the most glamorous  form of gymnastics. For its level of style, combined with the elegance of Gymnasts it has won a  predominant place in the Olympics. Gymnasts  participate with hoop, ball, ribbon, and rope.

Equestrian Vaulting

Vaulting or Voltige is very popular in Europe, USA and Canada as well as in some countries of Latin America Equestrian. Vaulting is defined as Acrobatic and Artistic gymnastics performed on horseback, while the horse walks, trot and gallops in a circle. The vaulter or gymnast performs his or her routine accompanied by music, and  participates individually, in pairs, and in a team with a maximum 7 vaulters  or gymnasts.

Horseback Archery

Archery on horseback, is an ancient sport, which has maintained its tradition still practiced in Europe, Asia, and North America. It combines equestrian dexterity and archery skills together with the ability of vaulting.  One of the oldest practices that were part of the training of ancient armies. Today it is a sport that brings together the old and the young all in the same event. 


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